The Raven, Treasure of Stones, Raven Candle Holder, Soy Candle, Tealight Candles, Malachite

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Treasure of Stones - The Raven

The Raven,known for being a trickster, was often associated with the Celtic Warrior Goddess Morrighan, as well as the Norse God Odin. Native Americans believed the raven was a figure that would help people shape their lives and that it symbolized change and transformation.

This Treasure of Stones collection is about just that, Change and Transformation. Containing stones and oils to help you reboot and find your path, this is a treasure worth finding.

This collection includes a powerhouse of 3 stones:

Garnet for confidence and survival instincts. Also allows for easier navigation through difficult times and brings out a love for life.

Malachite - reduces negativity and stress, balances emotions and leaves us in a much better position to accept change.

Labradorite - enhances intuition and mental clarity allowing us to envision many possibilities and find the path to the desired outcome.

A small treasure chest to store your stones when they are not in use.

4 tealight candles hand poured with natural soy wax. These candles contain fragances, essential oils and stone chips that support change.

Tealights contain:

Lavender to promote relaxation and reduce stress, patchouli to keep us grounded, peppermint to assist with brainstorming and other essential oils that provide synergy for change to a patch of happiness and success.

Garnet chips to work with the stone included and black tourmaline chips to help block negative energies.

You will also receive a raven tealight candle holder and an informational card about the collection.

All will be well packaged and sent with intent to help you . The stones will arrive in an organza with white sage you can use to cleanse any latent energies before use.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and do not nor are intended to replace the advice from or evaluation by a recognized medical professional. User assumes all liabilities for use and outcome of this set.

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