Silver Leaf Jasper Pi Stone, Silver Leaf Jasper Pi Stone with adjustable cord

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Beautiful Sliver Leaf Jasper Pi Stone with adjustable cord. These measure approximately 40 mm. **Id you purchased these prior to 04/18, these are not the black silver leaf jasper**

A true artistic design from nature, these stones have stunning swirling, banded and teardrop markings. The grey colors combined with the swirling patterns is how they became known as Silver Leaf Jasper.

Silver Leaf Jasper is a stone of grounding. Because of the grounding nature of this stone, it makes it an excellent stone for protection during travels, both physical and astral. An excellent stone for meditation as well as healing.

Pi Stones are said to be a representation of the human luminous energy field, an energy that enters through our feet, up our spine and continues up and out our head and down and out our arms. This shape represents energy flowing up through the center and then out and around. The energy is said to circulate in and around us in a similar pattern. The Pi stone brings the energies of the 9 rites, found in shamanic teachings. The Pi Stone is a stone of manifestation.

You will receive 1 stone in a velvet pouch for storage. These stones are natural and may have some variance in color and markings.

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