Selenite Worry Stone

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Beautiful polished Selenite Worry Stones. These stones measure approximately 40-45 mm x 30-35 mm.

Worry stones are shaped and designed to be a resting place for your thumb. They are concave, or have an indentation on one side and allows for a perfect place for your thumb, giving you a focal point for your energy. These are a perfect size to carry in your pocket, giving you an instant gemstone focal point when you need calming or targeted energies.

You will receive 1 stone, similar to those pictured in an organza with a white sage leaf to clear its energies. You will also receive an information card. These stones vary in size, shape, color and markings. You will receive a stone similar to those pictured.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is known to have many healing and mystical properties. Selenite can expel negative energies as well as provide protection against outside influences.

A calming and soothing stone, selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion. Selenite is a great stone to meditate with as well as a great choice for grid work. The last 2 photos were taken with the bowls in the protective plastic wrap*

Selenite is a type of gypsum as is Satin Spar. Both are descriptive terms only. Selenite & Satin Spar occur in the same stone and are chemically identical. Selenite is typically clear and more expensive. Satin Spar is more fibrous. The difference between the two is like comparing ice to water. Selenite is used for both clear and satin spar varieties in many area of the world.

*Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace sound medical advise from a licensed medical professional.

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