Jet Wand

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Beautiful Jet Wands

These wands measure approximately 4.5-4.7" in length. These wands have a nice light feeling and are amazing to hold. The beautifully polished wands are faceted at one and are round at the other.

These wands are great for massage work, reiki, and magical or ritual use. You will receive 1 stone similar to those pictured, an informational card and white sage to clear the energies before you use it.

Jet is commonly used as a stone of protection, yet it also carries some wonderful healing properties. Jet is an excellent stone for use in magic rituals to draw and channel the elements of the earth's energies in a desired direction.

Jet Stone will also give you physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance that will help you accomplish your goals and achieve balance and harmony.

To release stress, combine jet with lepidolite.

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Jet is a black organic rock that forms when pieces of woody material are buried in sediment and are coalified. Though very similar to coal, it is less friable. Jet can be cut, carved, and polished to a bright luster. People have used jet for thousands of years to produce gemstones, beads, and many other objects. Jet is one of just a few organic gemstones. It is the material that inspired the phrase "jet black," which means "as black as possible."

****Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*

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