Pentacle & Triple Moon Wooden Chest

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Covered in powerful mystic symbolism, this wooden chest is the perfect piece for use within your ritual crafts or a fine decoration for home and sacred space. Styled in the shape of a traditional chest, with a rectangular base and an arched and hinged lid, it is an elegant piece that easily fits in with most altar tools and decorations; it even features a little small metal latch that allows you to close it with a lock or other such device. But what really makes it stand out is the elaborate decoration that it displays.

The lower half is decorated with intricate patterns created by metal inlays, forming geometric patterns that shine out in a perfect metallic contrast with the black stained wood. The top half, or lid, stands out from this with finely detailed carvings, depicting a triple moon on each of its sides and a triangle at its top, with an interwoven pentagram set within. Framed by two long bands of engraved Celtic knots, this small pentagram seems the perfect accent to crown the chest off.

All in all, it makes for the perfect place to store small altar tools, ritual items, jewelry, and tarot decks for any Witch. It stands approximately 7 1/4" tall and 5 1/2" deep, and 6 1/2" wide with lid amounting for approximately half of its total height.