Blue Onyx Worry Stone

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Beautiful Blue Onyx Worry Stones These stones measure 35-40 mm in length and approx 25 - 30 mm across. Worry stones are shaped and designed to be a resting place for your thumb. They are concave, or have an indentation on one side and allows for a perfect place for your thumb, giving you a focal point for your energy. These are a perfect size to carry in your pocket, giving you an instant gemstone focal point when you need calming or targeted energies.

You will receive 1 stone similar to those pictured in an organza, an informational card and white sage to clear the energies before you use it.
These stones are natural and will vary in coloration and markings. Not all stones are translucent in the light. They are hand carved and will have slight variations in size and shape, however will look similar to those pictured.

Blue Onyx is a stone that promotes happiness and good fortune. It has also been used for breaking bad habits and improving ones resolve. Use blue onyx when you are feeling on edge or scattered as it will help bring your thoughts back into focus.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*

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