Black Obsidian Wands, Obsidian Rope Style Massage Wand, Twisted Massage Wand

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Beautiful Black Obsidian Twisted Wands

These wands measure approximately 4.8 - 5" or 125-130 mm in length. These wands have a nice feeling and are amazing to hold. These Black Obsidian wands have a "twisted or rope" type design. The last picture shows another one of our wands with the drawstring bag that is included.

These wands are great for massage work, reiki, and magical or ritual use. The curves and twists on these wands are perfectly shaped to hit those sensitive spots for more personal type use, truly giving you a magical moment.

You will receive 1 wand similar to those pictured. These will be secure and well padded in a box for safe travels as gemstone wands can be fragile. Each will come with a soft drawstring bag and an information card.

Obsidian is a great protector from negativity. This stone helps to shield you against negative psychic energies. Black obsidian is a powerful shamanic stone. Its use dates back to early civilization where it was not only used for spiritual and ritual purposes, but also carved into arrow heads. Black obsidian is formed from molten lava that is rapidly cooled. Cooled so quickly it forms without a crystalline structure - nature's very own glass.

Black obsidian is a great grounding stone. Use this when you feel your energies scattered.

This style wand is also available in Rose Quartz, as seen in the last pic. Please visit our shop to find our wide selection of gemstone massage wands.

****Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*

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