Black Moonstone Sphere 90 mm/3.6", Black Moonstone Gemstone Sphere

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Beautiful Flashy Black Moonstone Sphere. These measure about 90 mm or about 3.6" and weighs about 1014 g or 2 lb 4 oz. This piece has some beautiful flash and is smooth throughout with a beautiful finish.

You will receive the sphere pictured. These will ship with a wooden stand similar to the one pictured or you can check our shop for a selection of sphere stands.

Moonstone is a stone for "new beginnings". These are great stones for those just starting out. A new adventure, a new job, a new baby on the way. Moonstone is a great stone for those seeking to connect with their inner Goddess. Moonstone can also be beneficial to men trying to open their emotions.

Moonstone, a stone that resonates with the moon is also a stone for those traveling at night or those traveling over the water with the moon shining. Moonstone should be charged and cleansed under the light of a full moon.

Black Moonstone adds the additional benefit of grounding.

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