Beautiful Agate Druzy Dolphins

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Here are a couple absolutely stunning dolphins carved into agate druzy. These highly detailed pieces would make a great addition to any stone collection. These unique sculptures would make an awesome gift for anyone into beach and seaside decor.

Dolphins as spirit animals: Dolphins have so many great characteristics as spirit animals. They are highly intelligent, playful and do well in groups. The serene calmness of the ocean that breaks as dolphins surface is amazing to see in person. Let these guys bring peace, calmness and inner strength into your life.

There are 2 available:

Left - 3.9" tall, 3.1" across and 3.4" deep 13.6 oz or 384 g
Right - 4.6" tall, 3.2" across and 2.2" deep 1 lb 4.5 oz or 590 g

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