Abalone Shell

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Beautiful Abalone Shell for use with smudging.

These Abalone Shells are available in 3 sizes. As they are natural there will be slight differences in size, markings and coloring. You will receive 1
similar to those pictured.


4.5-5" Pics 1-4 These are cleaned and polished right here in our shop.
5-6" Pics 5-7
6-7" Pics 8-9
Pic 10 shows the smudge set.

These can be used to hold your white sage, palo santo, or incense. The most common use is as an ash catcher while you are smudging or as a place to safely put out your sage bundle.

For $3.00 more add a 6" wooden cobra stand.

For $6.00 more turn it into a kit which includes: Abalone Shell, 6" Cobra Stand, 2 - 4" California White Sage Bundles and 2 - 4" Palo Santo Sticks.

Smudging has been used since ancient times for healing, rituals and cleansing. This kit includes everything you need.

California White Sage has a long history of cleansing and ritual use. Native Americans consider this a sacred, purifying and cleansing plant. They used it to cleanse areas of negative energies. Today people use white sage to cleanse their homes, sacred space, altars, ritual areas, ritual tools and gemstones.

Palo Santo is a tree indigenous to South America. Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood" has a long history of use, with many similarities to white sage. This spiritual tree has been used by ancient healers and medicine men for both cleansing and healing.

You will receive a nicely packaged kit including 1 of everything seen the in the pictures that you order, sent to you with purifying and loving intentions.

You can also find our Deluxe Set here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/571221012/

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