The Owl - Treasure of Stones, Wise Decision Set, Owl Spirit Animal

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Treasure of Stones - The Owl

The owl, an elusive creature of the night, is a spirit animal to many. Owls have a deep rooted history in magic and mystery. Many cultures viewed owls as gateways to other realms and associated them with spirits.

Owls are rarely seen during the day. They have amazing eyesight. The eyes of a Great Horned Owl are said to be the same size of those of a 170 pound man. Barn Owls are recognized as being one of the top raptors for their ability to hunt solely on sound. It is rumored they can hear the heartbeat of a mouse under 3 feet of snow! These abilities make it clear that owls can see and hear far more than humans.

Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, was often seen with an owl. According to legend, the owl would sit on Athena’s blind side so she could see the whole truth. The Greek’s associated the owl with higher knowledge.

Many of us know what we need to do and what decision we need to make. For reasons unknown, most often we make a decision that isn’t the wisest for our goals and dreams. This Treasure of Stones offering is about just that, making wise decisions. This collection contains tools to help us make those sometimes difficult decisions.


Lepidolite – known as a “stone of transition”, Lepidolite assists in letting go of old behaviors and patterns. A relaxing stone that allows us to think more clearly.

Rhyolite – A stone of solutions change and progress. Provides inner strength and courage.

Moonstone – A stone of new beginnings. Make all your decisions about new beginnings. Moonstone, associated with nighttime, has a strong connection to owls.

Candles – These all natural birch scented candles will leave you feeling like you are one with nature. Birch, a tree with properties that are rooted deep in history, is one of the first trees to sprout after winter. Associated with renewal, new beginnings and purification. Let these candles take you to a relaxing place of solitude where clear thoughts promote wise decisions. A place where the unseen owl is looking out at you.

These candles are poured over howlite and lapis luzuli chips. Howlite is a powerful stone of calming. Lapis is a stone of empowerment. One of the most sought after stones in ancient times, Lapis is used for manifestation.

Dolomite Owl - Dolomite is a stone that supports creativity and manifestation. Dolomite also promotes relaxation allowing for grounded thoughts and decision making. These owls measure just over 1.5” tall, making them the perfect size to carry with you.

You will receive:

1 Owl Candle - approx 2.5 oz all natural soy candle. Approx 3" tall.
1 Tumbled Rhylite - Approx 1"+
1 Tumbled Lepidolite - Approx 1"+
1 Tumbled Moonstone - Approx 1"+
1 Dolomite Owl - Approx 1.5" tall
1 Black Velvet Owl Bag to hold your stones in when not in use
1 Information Card

The size, color, pattern, and markings on the stones will vary. Moonstone can be colored anywhere from white to black. Dolomite Owls will vary in color.

All will be well packaged and sent with intent to help you . The stones will arrive in an organza with white sage you can use to cleanse any latent energies before use.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and do not nor are intended to replace the advice from or evaluation by a recognized medical professional. User assumes all liabilities for use and outcome of this set.

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