Celestial Stone Set, Moonstone

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Celestial Stone Box Set, a set for new beginnings and promoting calm.

This set contains 5 stones all packaged nicely in a small wooden box with inlaid moon, sun and stars.


Sunstone - brings light to all areas of darkness. A stone of joyfulness, Sunstone promotes good nature, decreases
stress and increases vitality.
Moonstone - resonating with the power of the new moon, moonstone is a stone for new beginnings. Moonstone
stabilizes emotions, brings calm and promotes success and good fortune in business and love.
Black Moonstone - carries a very strong feminine energy. Also a great stone for new beginnings. Can help deflect
negative energy and encourage inspiration.
Peach Moonstone - a stone that vibrates with luck, power, healing and love. Peach moonstone supports the heart
and is helpful with stress and anxiety

This set contains:

Sunstone - 1 stone that measures .75-1" on its longest side.
Moonstone - 2 small A grade rated stones that measures .4-.75" on its longest side.
Black Moonstone - 1 stone that measures .75-1" on its longest side
Peach Moonstone - 1 stone that measures 1"+ on the longest side.
Wooden Celestial Box - measures 3" x 2" x 1/5"

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**All metaphysical properties are listed for educational purposes only and should not replace advice or treatment from a qualified medical professional. Sold as a curio only.