Herb Starter Kit - 7 Herbs, 3x4" bags, Mojo Beans, Ritual Herbs, Wiccan Herbs

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7 Herb starter kit.

You have 2 options: First - We can chose the herbs for you. Second - You message us with the order with the 7 herbs you want(sorry - no duplicates)These herbs are packaged in 3x4" labeled bags. They are either filled by volume, or for the denser herbs and roots, by weight. The maximum weight on the bags with * is .5 oz. Some bags will not be filled for this reason. Some settling may occur as well. You will however receive a very nicely packaged herb set that will contain enough herbs to more than get you started.

Herbs Available:

Blessed Thistle
Burdock Root*
Calendula Flower
Cat's Claw
Cinnamon Cut*
Comfrey Leaf
Damiana Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Devil's Claw*
Hawthorn Berries*
Hibiscus Flower
Jasmine Flower
Juniper Berries*
Nettle Leaf
Passion Flower
Peppermint Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
Red Rose Buds & Petals
Rose Hips* (You will receive between 13 & 16)
Sandalwood Chips*
Witches Grass
Witchhazel Leaf
White Willow Bark*
Yarrow Flower

You will also receive 2 Mojo Wish Beans and 2 small organza bags. Colors vary depending on what we have in stock. You are welcome to message us with your order if you have a specific color request and we will be happy to accommodate, if we have them available.

We carry a large collection of wooden boxes, including herb cabinets on our website at www.theoldeones.com

These herbs are packaged for use in magickal and ritual use. These are not intended to be used internally. If you are pregnant or have medical issues, please research the herbs before using. Some herbs should not be handled during pregnancy.

Herb magickal properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not approved by the FDA. These herbs are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. Results are not implied or guaranteed. These herbs are sold as tools to work with your abilities and are sold as curios only. We shall not assume any liability for results, injuries or illnesses from the use of these products.

*Herbs sold by weight

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