Septarian Sphere 92 mm, Dragon Stone, Dragon Stone Crystal Sphere

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Beautiful Large Septarian Sphere from Madagascar.

You will receive the sphere pictured. This will ship with a nice wooden stand similar to the one pictured.

This measures about 92 mm or 3.65" and weighs roughly 1116 g or 2 lbs 7 oz

Some 144 to 65 million years ago areas of earth were underwater. As huge numbers of tiny sea creatures lived and died, their calcium rich shells formed thick layers of limestone on the ancient seafloor. When the sea receded and the limestone dried out, cracks formed in much the same way that mud cracks form when a pond dries out. While geologic ages passed, other sediment covered the limestone and filled in the cracks with new minerals - golden yellow calcite and rootbeer brown barite. A thin layer of calcite was transformed into Aragonite which divides the limestone exterior from the calcite interior. Septarians received their name because of the Aragonite division.
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