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Wiccan/Pagan Altar Kit

This kit includes of all the basic items needed for your altar.

Altar Cloth - Your choice of Pentacle, Triple Goddess w/Pentacle, Triquetra
Altar Box - Your choice of Pentacle, Tree of Life, Triquetra 7"x5"
Altar Tile - Soapstone Pentacle or Triple Goddess w/Pentacle - Your cloth choice determines tile choice. If you order the Triquetra Cloth you will need to message us with your tile choice.
Small Red Abalone Shell
White Sage Smudge Stick
2 Candle Holders - Mini Ritual Plain Black and Clear with Pentacle
5 Mini Ritual Candles - 4" candles - Silver, Gold, Green, White and Black
Anointing Oil - 1 ml of our own special mixture containing 5 different oils for Purification
4 Stones - Amethyst, Carnelian, Quartz, Green Aventurine
Selenite Wand - 5.5" long
Mini Besom - 7" long
Bell - 3" tall
Pentacle Chalice - 5" tall

We have packed all this in the wooden box. The altar cloth will not fit in the box with everything else. This kit contains over $110 worth of items if purchased individually.

If you would like a custom altar kit please send us a message. You can also find additional options on our website at www.theoldeones.com

Everything will come individually wrapped. The stones will come in an organza with white sage. The stones are natural and may vary in size, shape and color. The besoms may vary in length. These besoms are made from reclaimed crepe myrtle. Soapstone is a natural product and colors may also vary.

Altar kits may take an extra day to process.

Thank you for looking!